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Recruit the right talent & reduce your employee turnover

Manufacturing faces more challenges in recruiting and retaining workers than most other industries.


was the record-high employee turnover rate for manufacturing companies in 2020.


of manufacturing companies report recruiting and retaining talent as their biggest challenge.


of manufacturing companies expect to have ongoing difficulties attracting and retaining workers.

Unify Your Workforce

Engage, inform, & connect every employee with a secure mobile app.

Share company & critical updates instantly

From head office to the factory floor and everywhere in between. Keep everyone informed of the latest news and important updates.

Share news & critical information with everyone in real-time, at the same time.

Reach the entire workforce, including teams across multiple sites.

Connect everyone, including those without email or intranet access.

Bring together diverse teams with multi-lingual support

Remove language barriers & support multi-lingual teams in the globally connected world of manufacturing.

Reduce miscommunication with localisation & language support features.

Reduce translation time & costs with accurate and automated translation capabilities.

Access a greater pool of skills manufacturing employees in a global market.

Engage everyone, everywhere, on one easy-to-use app

Improve your communications for a more engaged, happier, and productive workforce.

Find who you’re looking for quickly & easily with a readily accessible People Directory.

Empower your employees by giving them a platform to share their voice with colleague recognition, user content publishing & social features.

Gather valuable insights on the content your employees enjoy and engage with most to drive your internal communications strategy.

Recruit & retain the staff you need

Reduce absenteeism & turnover by transforming your employee experience & improving employee engagement.

Make onboarding easy for new recruits with direct & easy access to new colleagues & company documents.

Give employees everything they need to grow in your company with training & development resources at their fingertips.

Since rolling out our Thrive App, our employee engagement score increased from 69% to 75% within 12 months, and we've seen a significant decrease in labour turnover.

HR Officer at one of the UK's leading food processing companies

Transform communication & streamline your operations

Power up your internal communications, business processes and overall employee experience with our powerful and innovative app features below, plus many more!

Push notifications

Alert your employees to company news and urgent updates requiring their attention, anywhere, at any time, with targeted push notifications.

Personal File Storage

Give your employees a secure digital space for all their confidential and personal files, from payslips to training certificates and important company information.

Dynamic Content Translation

Communicate easily and seamlessly with multi-lingual workforces with automated translation capabilities for faster and more accurate translation of your content into any language.


Confirm employees have read and understood critical briefs and important Health & Safety information and create detailed audit reports with employee responses.

Share Rotas & Team Updates

Upload and share rotas, timetables, overtime and more with user-generated content.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Link all your existing systems, like payroll and holidays, by signposting to them from one channel, making the app a one-stop shop for streamlining your internal operations.

Business Continuity & Resilience

Use a cloud-based, secure app to send important updates and latest news in real-time through push notifications, even when your other systems have failed.

People Directory

Quickly and easily find up-to-date contact details for all employees across the business, including those who are deskless or dispersed.


Empower employees to recognise their colleagues’ efforts, share successes and send virtual high-fives for a more connected workforce.

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