Safety & Efficiency

Streamline operations, increase efficiencies, and improve safety, and compliance, by replacing paper-based business processes with digital forms on an employee app.

Why replace paper-based business processes?

Moving to digital solutions from paper-based systems will encourage continuous improvement with standardised processes, increased production, and lower error rates. If your teams are spending time searching for, creating, or printing documents to carry out internal processes you need to make changes. Many companies are turning to employee apps to digitise these processes, saving time, costs, and trees!


According to Developing People Globally, 57% of office workers spend one hour per day searching for documents. That's a significant waste of time that doesn't include the additional time required to print and update these documents.


Many organisations carry out business processes on paper then spend additional time entering this information to an electronic recording system afterwards. Paper document management and archiving can be intensive and expensive.


When dealing with sensitive information, like safety inspections, you want to know exactly where the information comes from. Digitising processes like this makes trails easily accessible, enabling you to quickly see who submitted the details and when.

How an employee app can help

The benefits of transferring simple paper-based processes to an employee app are clear. It benefits the environment through reducing the use of paper; it saves time and makes it easier for your employees; and it helps to give your employees a really clear reason for using the app. Our clients that have included operational hooks (such as electronic forms, payslips and rotas) in their employee apps have on average 25% higher app usage among their employees than those who don’t.

Incident Report

Never miss an incident report

Free up time by adding digital incident report forms to your employee app.

Springfield Homecare, a division of Springfield Healthcare Group, have combined their electronic incident reporting forms with Thrive's audience segmentation so that employees across different site locations will only see and submit the electronic forms that are appropriate to their site's incidents.

These reports are then sent to the appropriate manager / HR person in that site only. This is more efficient, it saves time, it makes employee’s lives easier, and it gives employees another reason to use the app, increasing active usage.

Springfield Homecare's employee app doesn’t just solve communication and engagement problems; it also streamlines their internal operations, making life easier for the organisation and its employees. Read more about this here.

Machinery Checks

Save time on production machinery checks

Many organisations have supervisors whose role includes walking through the production lines to carry out safety and efficiency checks on machinery.

These checks have previously been carried out using paper, pen and a clipboard, and manually entered onto an electronic recording system afterwards.

By replicating the paper-based checklist as an electronic form within your employee app, these supervisors can simply open the employee app on a factory floor tablet and mark off the checklist in the app as they walk around.

This increases efficiency as time is no longer needed to be spent on data entry after the checks are carried out. The electronic form entries are simply exported and stored as CSV files for reporting. This also contributes to your organisation's sustainability efforts by removing the need for paper.

Holiday requests

Streamline overtime & holiday requests

Share overtime availability within the app for team members to RSVP and apply for shifts, helping you to plan ahead for busier periods while giving every employee easy access to see overtime availability without having to come into the office.

Streamline your holiday request processes by combining audience segmentation and embedded electronic forms within your employee app.

Segment your audience by department, site location or more, to enable employees to only submit and send holiday request forms to the appropriate team leader or HR person.

This makes it much easier for your non-desk-based employees to request holidays, as they can do it from anywhere with just their smartphones.

Vehicle Checks

Digitise vehicle checks

McCue, an award-winning project management, commercial fit-out and bespoke joinery company, have streamlined their internal processes as well as transforming communication by asking employees to complete their daily vehicle inspection forms within their employee app.

McCue’s drivers complete a checklist at the end of their shift to sign-off on the condition of their vehicle before checking it back into the site.

Now instead of going to pick up a paper forms, filling it in, then handing it over to their supervisor, they can simply open the app and complete the checklist there!

Important Notices

Deliver schedules and important notices to employees

Getting schedules and important updates such as safety notices, to dispersed teams, and deskless workers, like drivers, can be challenging and often leads to drivers getting these just before their shifts start, at head office or their stations.

Translink, Northern Ireland's public transport operator, with over 4,000 employees transitioned the delivery of information so that drivers and conductors could check their schedules and learn about important information impacting their routes wherever they were, even from home and on their own personal mobile devices.

The Thrive employee app's User Generated Content feature can be used together with audience segmentation, allowing you to control who can see information in the app and post information and updates. This meant that Translink could assign certain people to upload the information to specific audience groups, giving employees another tangible reason to use their app while solving a problem for both employees and the business.

Here's how Derry Group Ireland engage and connect their entire workforce with their Thrive employee app

Derry Group Ireland, specialists in transport, storage, & order-picking of chilled & frozen products, transforms communication with their deskless teams

Watch how Derry Group Ireland's employee app is helping to reduce employee turnover, increase operational efficiencies and connect their entire workforce across distribution, retail, drivers, warehouse operatives and head office.


Ensure compliance and acknowledgement of key updates

With the Thrive app's Acknowledgements feature you can ensure key information and updates have been, received, read and understood.

Quickly gather compliance feedback on documents, videos and files across your entire workforce. Teams can confirm they have read and understood important information, directly from their phone.

Ensure there are no information gaps with persistent in-app reminders and push notifications to point employees key updates to ensure nothing gets missed.

You can maintain quality and compliance while receiving a detailed audit report with all your employees’ responses to review and share at any time.

Sustainability Strategy

Promote and involve employees in your sustainability strategy

Get your teams involved in your sustainability strategy by running competitions, sharing photos and directing them to your companies sustainability policies and initiatives.

Learn how McCue, a Thrive client uses their Thrive employee app, to increase their employee's awareness and engagement with the company’s sustainability agenda.

Over 90% of team in McCue are actively using the Thrive employee app and receiving company notifications. 79% of these users engaged in the communication about the launch of the new sustainability strategy. Read more about this here.

Business Continuity

Get peace of mind with guaranteed business resilience and continuity

As the Thrive employee app is cloud-hosted outside of your organisation's IT system it will never being effected if emailer servers or other IT systems go down.

You can continue to use the Thrive employee app to push business critical updates and news straight to your entire workforce via their mobile phones. The Thrive employee app was sited as an 'absolutely vital tool' from a UK Police Force, Wiltshire Police, for this reason.

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