An employee communications platform that's cost effective and easy to use

We help your company Thrive by connecting, communicating and engaging with your hard to reach, distributed workforce who may not have work emails and need a mobile app alternative to view company wide information.

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Reach every employee, even those without email access

Connect with everyone in your organisation, from one content management system. 

Since your employees can use the Thrive app on their own devices, they will always have access to valuable information in real-time, from anywhere.

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Personalise content and push important information to the right teams

Use Thrive’s intuitive content management system to publish new content, push alerts to your teams and customise the look of your communications app. 

Personalise the content employees can see with your predefined segmented user groups. Teams will only receive the company information that’s relevant and important to them. 

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Drive a more inclusive culture and improve employee experience

Employees are happier when they know their opinions matter. Empower your employees by giving them a voice with Thrive’s recognition, user content publishing and social features. 

Keep your employees engaged by providing ways for them to share ideas, recognise their peers and communicate easily with management.

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Powering up internal comms

We’ve helped teams of every size and shape with each one powering up their internal communications to suit their employee’s needs. Read their unique stories of how they are using Thrive to enhance how they communicate and engage with their hard to reach teams.

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See how Thrive helped AirFrance-KLM revolutionise communication & streamline their business processes

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