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Connect your employees & transform your business by reimagining your internal communication strategy with Thrive.App, a secure, engaging mobile employee app.

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Watch how DPD Ireland used their Thrive employee app to replace their outdated internet platform, breaking down communication barriers and transforming the employee experience for their entire workforce.

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See how Thrive helped DPD Ireland revolutionise communication & streamline their business processes

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Create your own employee app within days, then personalise content & push critical information in minutes

Use Thrive.App’s easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) to segment your audience lists, publish content, and use push notifications to notify and reach the entire workforce. Customise the look of your app to match your company's brand for a seamless employee experience.

To set you up for a successful employee app journey right from onboarding, get best practice advice from our Client Success Team and check out our unique Learning Tracks in the Thrive.App CMS for other top tips and ideas.

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Reach & connect your entire workforce, even those without email or intranet access

From head office to the factory floor and everywhere in between, bring your deskless and dispersed employees together in one place, no matter where they are. 

Connect and reach employees at every touch point with an engaging, secure mobile app that keeps your entire workforce engaged, informed and safe.  

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Avoid silos & give full transparency around policies & procedures 

Employees, especially new hires, may feel uncomfortable about asking questions around company procedures. Ensure your teams have equal and easy access to the policies they need, removing any embarrassment.  

With a Thrive employee app you can keep everyone informed of the latest news and important updates, no matter their role, department or location. 

Digitally store all important documents like employee handbooks, policies and procedures, reducing time spent in HR meetings and cutting down on unnecessary paper printing. 

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Build social connections, create a more inclusive culture, & improve employee retention 

People are interested in other people and love to see their colleagues' stories. 

With the Thrive employee app you can provide a space for social interactions to create a close-knit culture and positive experience for your teams, as well as reducing employee absenteeism and driving engagement and app usage. 

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Share employee benefits & rewards upfront 

With a Thrive employee app you can create a dedicated space to store all your company’s rewards & benefits upfront, for everyone to see.  

Give clear guidelines on how to access these benefits, encourage new hires and legacy employees to read this information in their own time from their own device.  

Notify your entire workforce to view updates to benefits and rewards, with one press of a button in the Thrive.App CMS. 

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Boost morale with peer-to-peer recognition 

Employee recognition has been shown to improve morale, productivity, and retention, yet many organisations still suffer from a recognition deficit. 

With the Thrive employee app you can provide a space for employees to align your company values to achievements, and empower employees to recognise each other, publish success stories and send virtual high-fives to colleagues. 

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