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Watch the video to learn how Derry Group Ireland enhanced communications, increased engagement and rolled out recognition with deskless and desk-based teams.

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See how Thrive helped Derry Group Ireland revolutionise communication and streamline their business processes

The Staples in Your Toolbox

Thrive's toolbox helps you to improve how you connect and communicate with your colleagues, improving employee experience, every where, every time.


Teams can confirm they have read and understood important information directly from their phone. Receive a detailed report with all the responses.

Events & Competitions

Give your colleagues the opportunity to win Competitions and RSVP to Events. Customise the entries/spaces available and the button text to suit your needs.


Celebrate success and say thanks to colleagues, giving virtual high fives and shout-outs in a space within your app.

Thrive Academy

Best practices and step by step Learning Tracks to implement a new Internal comms channel and strategy and set you up for success.

User Generated Content

Empower employees to upload rota's, timetables, photos and other useful documents straight from their mobile phone or desktop.

Easy-to-use CMS

You don’t need specialist design or technical skills. With our easy-to-use CMS you’ll be up and running quickly - publishing content, sending push notifications and viewing analytics.

Get Social

Add photo walls to encourage social interactions and engagement. A dedicated space to share and comment on each others hobbies, recipes and other activities.

Insights & Measurement

Create pulse surveys, gather feedback and view insights on content engagement.

Customisable Branding Options

Choose the best colours and app icon for your workspace from a wide range of options including red and yellow and pink and green…