Air France KLM Incorporate Employee Recognition into Their Employee Communications App

Watch the video of how Air France KLM are using the power of an employee communications app by Thive.App to reward and recognise employees. Saying cheers to their peers.


Air France KLM is a global airline group, operating an extensive worldwide network from Europe to the rest of the world. 

The Challenge - Dispersed Teams Spread Across Different Locations and Departments 

The Air France KLM employees are based in the head office, at the airport and out on the road on a daily basis. 

They needed a platform that they could use to enhance communication with their entire workforce, even those without access to email while working away from desks. 

They recognised the need to enhance their communications as well as finding a channel to recognise and reward employees. Their employee app by Thrive.App was deployed to achieve this. 

"We needed a platfrom to communicate with people effectively."

Tia Mulholland, Human Resources at AirfranceKLM

Finding The Best Solution

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how Air France KLM incorporate employee recognition into their employee communications app. 

"Not only is it important that we can communicate in real-time to our varied workforce throughout the country, it also important that each individual team are receiving information that’s relevant to them. "

Tia Mulholland, Human Resources at AirfranceKLM

Thrive.App's (formerly known as TheAppBuilder referenced in the video) recognition feature enabled Air France KLM to incorporate employee recognition into their employee communications app.  

Each employee “thank you” was accompanied with a message, photo and aligned to the organisations values.  The thanks is published instantly within the app, the recipient gets a push notification of thanks and others can like and comment. 

As the recognition is visible publicly in the app employees also benefit from the social recognition of their work and in many cases the recognition is multiplied as other colleagues ‘like’ the post or indeed add their own congratulations by ‘commenting’.    

"The great thing about the app is that it is available on mobile devices but also on the desktop so essentially the app becomes a one stop shop for all your employee needs."

Tia Mulholland, Human Resources at AirfranceKLM

"The advantage of working with the team was their experience of deploying similar apps in a very quick turnaround time, this gave us the opportunity to bring our ideas to life very quickly."

Tia Mulholland, Human Resources at AirfranceKLM

Illustrated Use Case Example

Illustrated Use Case Example

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