Derry Group Ireland Enhances Communications and Improves Engagement Significantly with Their Deskless Teams

Learn how the Derry Group Ireland have transformed how they communicate and engage with their teams while streamlining their internal operations.

Derry Group Ireland specialises in the transport, storage and order-picking of chilled and frozen products and has three depots across Ireland. Derry Group Ireland have a workforce of 220 people across the group and are continuing to recruit to meet customer demand.

The company structure has changed significantly in the last two years but the company has been emphatic in its commitment to employee connectivity and well-being in the workplace. This is particularly important as a large percentage of the workforce are drivers, who are traditionally lone workers. 

Watch the video below which shares how the Derry Group Ireland are making the most of their employee app by Thrive.App to transform communications, engage employees and streamline their internal processes.  

“We have worked hard to build and transform our business to what it is today, and our employees are key to our success. It is important to us that we give them everything they need to carry out their roles successfully as well as feeling supported and recognised for what they do. With the Thrive.App our employees can now easily access the information they need to support them in their role, they see important updates as they occur, and they know what is happening across all areas of the business."

Patrick Derry, Managing Director, Derry Group Ireland

"The launch of Thrive.App will bring everyone closer together, which is particularly important during the current challenges of Covid19 and the fact that we have teams in various parts of the country. The Thrive team have provided the best support and guidance in helping us to launch the employee app and we are confident they will continue to support us to make it a success across our organisation.”

Patrick Derry, Managing Director, Derry Group Ireland

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