Kildare County Council Select Thrive.App as Their Employee App Provider

24th Feb 2022: Kildare County Council have selected Thrive.App as their provider of a Staff Application (Staff App) to provide a platform for communication and consultation with all Kildare County Council employees.

Kildare County Council has 1,000 employees, working across multiple roles and locations. With a significant percentage of employees having no regular access to work emails or a desktop along with the current challenges presented by Covid-19, enhancing communication and promoting employee engagement is essential for the organisation.

“Before the app, we used traditional methods of communication to alert staff of essential information. In particular, there was a communication barrier to outdoor staff who could feel like they were the ‘last to know and hear information.’ The deployment of the app enables everyone to receive weekly newsletters, policies, procedures, job vacancies, well-being information, video updates, Health and Safety information, Covid-19 updates and more; at the same time, in real time. It is helping us to provide a supportive and healthy working environment which is especially important during these challenging times. We are empowering and enabling our employees, managers, and supervisors with the right information at the right time to carry out their duties effectively and we continue to encourage a culture of learning and development. We have managed to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor staff by ensuring everyone receives and contributes to the same information at the same time.”

Rory Hopkins, Head of Information Systems, Kildare County Council

"As organisations continue to navigate these challenging times, effective employee engagement has never been so important. We look forward to continuing to help Kildare County Council achieve this in the weeks and months ahead and are delighted to be working with them. Our goal is to help as many organisations as we can to streamline their internal processes, transform their communication and improve employee retention, shifting from traditional paper-based methods and team briefings to instant, modern, secure, engaging mobile apps that save time and increase efficiency as well as being ridiculously easy to use.”

James Scott, CEO (Chief Executive Officer)& Co-Founder of Thrive.App

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