Connect Multilingual Teams with Automatic App Content Translation

Optimise your employee app experience: auto-detect and translate content to match their device language.

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Catalyst for Inclusivity: Key Reasons for Language Translation

Automatic content translation saves time while promoting inclusivity, improving communication, and helping organisations meet some legal and compliance obligations. It's a valuable tool for fostering a more inclusive and effective workplace.

Enhance Inclusivity

Translation fosters inclusivity, enabling diverse employees to access and comprehend vital communications, promoting equity and a sense of belonging.

Boost Engagement

Translation aids effective, multilingual communication, ensuring clarity in vital messages, fostering engagement, and boosting productivity among diverse employees.

Improve Compliance

Legal mandates require multilingual content. Language translation in your app ensures compliance and minimises legal risks in certain regions with regulations.

Unify Your Workforce

Engage, inform, & connect every employee with a secure mobile app, no matter their location, role or native language.

Automatic Language Detection for Employees

To help employees get the most out of your content automatically detect and serve translated content based on employee’s devices.

Seamless app setup - no additional steps for employees or Administrators.

Automatic translation of both Content & App Controls.

Language updates to the app happen automatically in the background with no need for employees to update.

Translations Powered by Microsoft’s Cognitive Services

Integrating with one of the leading providers of AI, through their Cognitive Services functionality suite, Thrive.App receives translations directly from Microsoft’s powerful language modelling platform to power our translated content feature.

Thrive.App receives automatic access to any translation services updates.

Ability to add new languages from their supported language library.

Consistent performance from one of the world’s largest cloud-based providers.

Bulk Translate Controls

If you’ve already started to create content don’t worry - the Thrive.App platform can translate your existing content library in a few clicks.

Translate in the background - once you start the translations, you can carry on creating content as Thrive.App platform performs the translations!

Configure some or all of the available languages you need in your app.

Options to target content that has been translated to keep your content library in sync.

Translations Preferences

The Thrive.App platform allows you to configure your languages to either automatically translate content when its created and published or allow Editors to pick which languages should be supported.

One click language setup!

Reduce management overhead of deciding which languages should have automatic translations.

Reduce content creation time with automatic translation controls.

Language Library

16 languages to choose from. We hold a library of translations for App controls as well as support dynamic content translations for all 16 of these languages. We also have the capability of adding languages as required.

Since rolling out our Thrive employee app, our employee engagement score increased from 69% to 75% within 12 months, and we've seen a significant decrease in labour turnover. The automatic content translations helps us truly bring our diverse, multilingual team together.

HR Officer at one of the UK's leading food processing companies

Powerful & Innovative Features to Transform Internal Communication

Power up your internal communications, business processes and overall employee experience with our features below, plus many more!

Push Notifications

Alert your employees to company news and urgent updates requiring their attention, anywhere, at any time, with targeted push notifications.

Secure File Storage

Give your employees a secure digital space for all their confidential and personal files, from payslips to training certificates and important company information.

Dynamic Content Translation

Communicate easily and seamlessly with multilingual workforces with automated translation capabilities for faster and more accurate translation of your content into any language.


Confirm employees have read and understood critical briefs and important Health & Safety information and create detailed audit reports with employee responses.

Share Rotas & Team Updates

Upload and share rotas, timetables, overtime and more with user-generated content.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Link all your existing systems, like payroll and holidays, by signposting to them from one channel, making the app a one-stop shop for streamlining your internal operations.

Business Continuity & Resilience

Use a cloud-based, secure app to send important updates and latest news in real-time through push notifications, even when your other systems have failed.

People Directory

Quickly and easily find up-to-date contact details for all employees across the business, including those who are deskless or dispersed.


Empower employees to recognise their colleagues’ efforts, share successes and send virtual high-fives for a more connected workforce.


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