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Re-imagine your internal communications and engagement for your healthcare workers. Reach and connect everyone on one simple, easy-to-use employee app that can be accessed anywhere, any time.

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Reduce your staff turnover & enhance patient care

Disengagement, burnout, and stress are common issues across the world for healthcare teams, working in challenging and demanding work environments.


of UK healthcare employees said their mental health had deteriorated since the COVID-19 pandemic began.


of disengaged employees are more likely to take a sick day, leading to staff shortages and further burnout in stretched workforces.


of disengaged employees display a genuinely caring and compassionate attitude towards patients.

Improve internal communications for a more engaged workforce

Whether your organisation is an NHS hospital or a GP surgery, a private health practice or a care home, empower and engage employees with a simple yet engaging mobile employee app that gives them access to the support, tools and resources they need, whenever they need them.

Give employees everything they need at their fingertips

Share everything from rotas and overtime to company news and critical updates that employees can easily access at the push of a button, no matter where they are.

Give employees access to the information they need, when they need it, such as rotas, health and safety updates, training and support, and other useful resources.

Reach and communicate with everyone, everywhere, including those working shifts, off site or without a desk or computer.

Share latest news and important information with everyone in real time, at the same time.

Connect & engage everyone, everywhere, in one place

Give employees a voice and boost your employee engagement levels by bringing everyone together on one interactive and easy-to-use platform.

Bridge the gap between shifts and departments with an open channel of communication for everyone, regardless of role or location.

Find who you’re looking for quickly and easily with a readily accessible People Directory containing up-to-date contact details for everyone in your organisation.

Gather valuable insights on the content your employees enjoy and engage with most to drive your internal communications strategy.

Empower employees to share their stories & celebrate each other for a stronger, more supported workforce

Transform your employee experience for a healthier company culture and improved employee engagement, recruitment, and retention.

Encourage conversation and inspire your employees to connect with their colleagues with user generated content and social features.

Boost morale by recognising and celebrating employees’ efforts and inviting your teams to do the same.

Create a more connected workforce and positive culture with a space for everyone to share their moments that matter and good news stories.

We have noticed a great increase in activity from employees sharing information with each other, supporting their colleagues and also acknowledging and thanking them for their hard work.

Theresa Comstive, Operations Director at Springfield Home Care

Transform your communications & culture

Power up your internal communications, employee engagement and overall employee experience with our powerful and innovative app features.

Integrate with Existing Systems

Digitally transform your internal processes by signposting employees to your existing systems, like payroll and holidays, from the one app, reducing their time spent logging on to multiple systems.

Share Rotas & Team Updates

Improve staff management by sharing up-to-date rotas, overtime, team updates, and more with user-generated content and calendar features, for better planning and communication.

Personal File Storage

Safely store each employee’s confidential and personal files, including payslips, training certificates and important company information, in one secure, digital space that’s accessible at the push of a button.

Push Notifications

Ensure all your employee communications, from company news to urgent updates, are seen every time by everyone with targeted push notifications.

People Directory

Find up-to-date contact details quickly and easily for everyone in your organisation, including those in different departments, locations, on shift or without a desk!

Health & Safety Compliance

Protect your employees and ensure compliance with important Health and Safety updates that require staff to confirm they have read and understood the information given to them.

Support System

Give your employees the support system they need to succeed and thrive in their role with access to training and development opportunities, and health and well-being resources.

Employee Recognition

Empower employees to recognise their colleagues’ efforts and achievements, share their own successes and send virtual high-fives for a more connected workforce.

Employee Engagement

Create a more inclusive, connected, and positive company culture that brings everyone together and encourages fun interactions, with events, competitions and photowalls.

NHS Internal Communications Strategy: Using an Employee App

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