Boost Morale & Recognition

Employee morale and productivity are directly linked. By measuring and improving this you can better impact the overall attitude and engagement of your teams.

What causes low employee morale?

A lack of purpose, toxic work environment, leadership issues or lack of clarity and transparency are just some of the causes of low employee morale. All of these can lead to underperforming employees, or even worse, high employee turnover.

Icon Poor Communication

Poor communications skills from lack of transparency, an inconsistent approach to communication, and communicating without clarity can all result in poor team morale.

Icon Recognition

Lack of recognition or incentives can make employees feel undervalued. People want to know that their excellent work is not going unnoticed, and many appreciate being rewarded for it whenever possible.

Icon Disconnected

Employees who work remotely, or in a deskless role, away from their team– through choice or necessity– can feel disconnected from their company's people, priorities, and objectives.

How an employee app can boost morale, engagement, and happiness among your employees

Our mission is to build better places to work for everyone by improving employee communication and engagement. The Thrive employee app can be used in lots of creative ways for boosting employee morale and recognition.

Bridge Gap IMG1

Bridge the gap between management & employees

Disengaged employees say things like, “we’re the last to know what’s going on in the company,” or “I never know what my manager needs from me.” The Thrive employee app helps you to bridge the gap between leaders, managers, departments, and teams by connecting everyone on one mobile channel and giving them instant, easy access to the information they need to carry out their roles effectively.

Engaged, informed, connected employees result in lower employee turnover in the long term. Meath County Council, a Local Authority in Ireland, have seen great success in connecting their 'indoor' and 'outdoor' employees with their secure, engaging mobile employee app. Read their story here.

Build Connections IMG2

Build meaningful connections & give employees a voice

Deskless, dispersed and remote workers can feel disconnected from their colleagues and your organisation. When trying to build employee engagement and improve employee satisfaction, giving colleagues a voice and a dedicated platform to ask questions and share their thoughts can have a positive impact on their employee experience.

Our suite of social features and user generated content allows employees to quickly jump into conversations, post comments, reply to colleagues and ‘mention’ each other in comments.

Boost Morale IMG5

Boost morale with peer-to-peer recognition

Employee recognition has been shown to improve morale, productivity, and retention, yet many organisations still suffer from a recognition deficit.

According to one survey from Harvard Business Review, 40% of employees say that they would put more energy into their work if they were recognised more frequently.

With the Thrive employee app you can provide a space for employees to align your company values to achievements, and empower employees to recognise each other, publish success stories and send virtual high-fives to colleagues.

Organise Events IMG4

Organise fun events & competitions to bring everyone closer together

The importance of team building cannot be overstated. Not only does it lead to collaboration, but it also aids in problem-solving among team members, fosters meaningful and open communication among peers which enhances productivity and boosts employee morale.

The Thrive employee app is an easy-to-use, accessible tool for arranging internal events and competitions. Offer RSVP reservations for events (with or without restricted spaces) and give the whole workforce access to competitions through our Acknowledgements feature.

Target all employees or employee groups to get detailed event and competition reports.

An Post, Ireland's national mail service, got very creative by organising a book club within their employee app, 'Post People'. Read how they used their fantastic book club to increase employee engagement.

Watch how Air France KLM use their Thrive employee app to recognise colleagues.

Air France KLM

Watch this two-minute video testimonial to learn how Air France KLM have incorporated employee recognition into their employee app to enable colleagues to say 'CheersToYourPeers'.

Culture of Learning IMG7

Create a culture of learning

Share training resources, internal job opportunities, learning courses, important updates, questions and answer sessions, and policies, all from a mobile employee app, that users can access at anytime from anywhere.

Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre, an educational training and facilities centre use the Thrive employee app to improve the access to learning resources for English language students as well as signing up and training new volunteers. Read their story here.

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