Integrate with your Existing Systems

Use your Thrive employee app to connect all your systems together in one, easy-to-use channel.

Connect all your existing systems to an easily accessible channel that your employees already love to use

You may already have systems in place for managing payroll, holiday bookings, benefits and rewards, rota systems and more. With the Thrive employee app, you can link everything together by signposting all these systems within one channel, making the app a one-stop shop to transform communication and streamline your internal operations while improving your employee communications and engagement.


Connect all your systems like HR, Payroll, Benefits and more to create a unified digital workspace.


Streamline the flow of information from existing systems to one channel that is used every day by your entire workforce.


Make it easier for employees to find information from all systems at their own convenience, no matter their job role or location.

How an employee app can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems

The Thrive employee app API (Application Programmatic Interface) allows for integration with third party systems, so you can create content once and push it to your employee app with little effort.


Push rotas from your Workforce Management System

You can segment your employee app to share rotas by department, month, or location, whichever works best for your organisation.

By using an API that's connected to your existing workforce management system, any changes or new content added will automatically be updated to your Thrive employee app.

Using an API in this way will improve efficiency with all employees having easy and instant access to their rotas.


On-the-go access to payslips

Using the Thrive employee app's API you can connect your existing payroll system to give your deskless, dispersed teams easy, on-the-go access to their payslips from anywhere at any time.

From experience we know that adding payroll to your employee app is certain to increase active usage.

Here’s how Santos Brasil connected their Thrive employee app to their scheduling system to ensure employees have access to real-time information about their shifts

Santos Brasil, the largest port operator in Latin America, boosts efficiency & reduces costs of scheduling 3,000 employees


Give everyone equal access to rewards & benefits information

Many deskless, dispersed teams are not aware of their company's rewards and benefits.

By using the API to connect your existing rewards and benefits system, you can easily push this information to these employees' mobile phones, giving them easy access to everything they want to know.


Push existing content from your corporate intranet

You may have already worked hard to build great content on your company news, policies and procedures, benefits and more, adding all of this to your corporate intranet.

Does your entire workforce have access to this corporate intranet? Is it easy for employees to find the information they need?

By using the API, you can connect your current intranet content and push it to your Thrive employee app, providing a dedicated space for your entire workforce to browse through this information in their own time. This gives everyone quick and easy access, even to those employees who are deskless and dispersed across various locations and roles.

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