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Onboarding is pivotal to help new employees thrive. It's a chance to make new hires feel welcome and provide them with everything they need to do their job well. Getting them off to a good start lays the foundation for long-lasting employee engagement.

Does your onboarding process need a revamp?

Onboarding new employees can be challenging when teams are dispersed, remote and deskless, but there are ways to integrate your new employees and help them to instantly connect with your people and culture.

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Poor onboarding is a major cause of employee turnover which can cost a lot of money for your company - up to 300% of a new employee's salary.

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From an employee's perspective, those who have a great onboarding experience are likely to remain in a company for at least three years.

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Failing to successfully onboard new employees can make them feel isolated, disconnected, and less confident, resulting in a lack of trust in the organisation.

How an employee app can simplify and improve your onboarding processes

An employee app gives your new employees up-to-date information in one centralised, easily accessed place. With links to company policies, training guides, latest news, photos, personal stories from colleagues and more, give new employees everything they need for a well-structured, dynamic, social, and meaningful onboarding experience.

Welcome Employees

Integrate new employees instantly with a warm welcome

Welcome new team members to your company and culture, with a structured induction programme within your employee app that's easily accessible and up to date.

Say hi and introduce new colleagues to the company by sharing some information about them, along with their new role and job description. No awkward emails, just a simple news update that everyone can see and interact with.

New colleagues will feel a sense of belonging and part of the team, as leaders, managers and other team members can interact with the post, commenting with a welcome message as well as directing the new team member to interesting and important information.

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Provide full transparency around policies & procedures

With a dedicated onboarding section within your employee app, you can provide quick and easy access to the information that is necessary for new team members to get off to a great start.

New employees may not feel comfortable enough to ask questions about your policies and procedures straight away. Give them the power to access all of the relevant HR documents from the privacy and comfort of their own mobile phone from day one.

The onboarding process with a Thrive employee app is totally paperless, digitally storing all of your important documents like employee handbooks, policies, rewards and benefits. Not only are you saving your HR Team time during the hiring process, you're also saving trees!

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Share the "moments that matter" to your colleagues

With social features like photo walls integrated within your employee app, new team members can browse through their colleagues own stories and photos, getting to know them on a slightly more personal level, even before working with them directly.

This can make it easier for new team members to relate to existing team members as well as providing an easier way to build personal connections.


Organise training & gather employee feedback

Provide a dedicated space to facilitate training. New employees can read online training resources such as health & safety procedures, browse through user guides on new systems, watch instructional videos and more. You can also make use of the Thrive employee app's Acknowledgements feature to ask new employees to confirm that they have 'read and understood' the information provided within the training.

You receive a detailed audit report with your new employee's responses to review and share at any time. At the end of onboarding quickly gather feedback with a pulse survey to find out how satisfied they are with the onboarding experience.

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Facilitate internal networking & connect new employees with the entire workforce

Teams today are remote, deskless and distributed across departments, buildings and geographical locations. To connect your entire workforce, physically can be impossible for many organisations. As much as possible, you want to be able to optimise your new team members experience and avoid the uncomfortable situation of having to ask 'who are you and what do you do?'.

With a dedicated contact directory within your Thrive employee app, you can guide and encourage new hires to reach out everyone within your organisation, knowing they have all the contact and organisation structure details at hand.

Here's how DPD Ireland's employee app is connecting their dispersed teams and onboard new employees

DPD Ireland, a leading delivery company, break down communication barriers & enhance their onboarding process

"We allow new starters before they join access into the app. This allows us to onboard them quite easily because it gives them an insight into the culture, our vision, our core values, even before they start." Mary Gaffey, People Operations Manager.

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