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Employees don't just want instant access to the exact information they need. They expect it. Like all information in today's world, companywide, business-critical information needs to be consistent, quick, and easily accessible.

Where do the most common information sharing gaps exist?

With dispersed, remote, desk-based, and deskless teams shaping up most organisations, information gaps or time lags in getting information or updates to your entire workforce can be a challenge. We often hear new clients tell us some of their teams are the last to know what's happening in the organisation.

Improve Customer Service

When customers have an issue with your product or service, they want answers, and fast. A dedicated space within your employee app with answers to solve customer's issues will empower your teams to provide the best customer experience.

Spread the Word

Not only are employees who feel informed, more engaged, they also become valuable brand ambassadors. One common question, is, 'What do you do?' Employees who feel informed and set up for success are more likely to say great things about your organisation and can drive profitability.


Empower employees with quick and easy access to information they need to make informed decisions. Instant access to critical, consistent, up-to-date information can mean the difference between a fully aligned organisation, and one that's lacking the necessary visibility to stay competitive.

How an employee app can transform how you share information with employees & give you a competitive advantage

An employee app gives you the ability to reach your entire workforce at the same time, no matter their role or location. It gives employees the ability to access and process updates from a quick and easily accessible channel. With little effort you can add important updates, segment audiences, and target specific people or groups with specific, relevant content.


Instantly reach everyone, at the same time, with critical information during a crisis

How you communicate with employees during a crisis can have a significant impact on how they feel.

With the Thrive employee app's instant push notification messages, along with the Acknowledgements feature, you can be sure that every employee, no matter their location or role, will be fully informed of the critical information you share and have 'read and understood' the advice given from your organisation.


Avoid silos & keep everyone up to date with companywide news

Keep your employees connected and informed, quickly, and easily, with up-to-date corporate information, new client wins, sales and marketing campaigns, roadmap updates and more. Use the Thrive employee app's push notification messages to instantly alert everyone to the latest information as it is added. Enable comments and likes to encourage employee interactions.

Remove challenges like language barriers, for diverse, multi-lingual teams, by using the Thrive employee app's Dynamic Content Translation feature which automatically translates content for seamless communication without additional effort or training for app content editors.


Share department specific information, news & team updates

Segment and manage audience lists within your employee app to create specific content and updates for various departments, locations, or teams across your organisation.

Reach the right audience with tailored and relevant, useful content which is specific to their role or day-to-day challenges.


Increase efficiencies & protect employees by pushing out weather or traffic warnings in real-time

Providing an excellent customer service can often depend on your teams adhering to tight deadlines or delivery times. Reduce uncertainty and health and safety risks for your workforce, while they are on the go, by instantly reaching them with push notifications and messages that alert them to changes in driving conditions, for example, like weather warnings or traffic updates.

This can be used alongside the Thrive employee app's Acknowledgement feature for employees to acknowledge they have received, read, and understood important safety updates, giving you peace of mind that your employees are fully informed of any changes.

Here's how An Post use their employee app to push critical weather warnings

An Post, Ireland's postal service, enhance communications with their dispersed workforce

Learn how An Post Ireland use their Thrive employee app to communicate business critical safety information with over 6,000 dispersed employees.

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Drive frequent usage from different departments by consolidating information on FAQ pages or Playbooks

Provide your different departments with specific Playbooks that will help them to do better in their role. Share product roadmap updates and best practices in handling objections with your sales team. Add Frequently Asked Questions from customers to enable customer success to handle enquiries faster and better.

Making this information available in an easily accessible platform empowers and equips employees to succeed, no matter their location or role.

With instant push notifications you can reach your desired audience with new information all in one instance. You can also direct employees to these pages saving time lost answering the same questions to multiple people.


Add more flavour by pushing out daily cafeteria menu updates to increase engagement

Some say food is the way to people's hearts. We're not sure about that; it is, however, a good way to drive engagement and frequent use of an employee app.

Many Thrive.App clients dedicate a section of their app to share cafeteria menus or directions to nearby restaurants. This is especially helpful to new employees.

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