Secure Document Sharing

Give your employees a secure space for their personal documents with Thrive employee app's Locker feature for secure document storage and sharing.

Share confidential documents like payslips, with your employees, using our secure, personalised digital Locker

One question we're often asked is 'what makes an employee app a success?' There's no easy answer to this as every business is unique. However, for an employee app to get off to a great start it's good to focus on the number of active users the app generates, engages, and sustains. One way to ensure this is to provide a space for employees to access personal documents. Drive active usage and empower your employees to consume the content they want for a more connected employee experience.

Streamline paper based

Store employees’ personal and confidential digital documents in one secure, easily accessible location at your employees’ fingertips.


Improve efficiencies and save time, paper, and resources by streamlining paper-based processes and day-to-day business activities.


Drive active usage and engagement by providing a good balance between the information and content that employees want to know and what they need to know.

How an employee app can help to store documents securely & reduce paper-based systems

Thrive employee app's digital equivalent of a physical locker provides employees with on-the-go access to their confidential and personal files, from payslips to training certificates, and important company information. There is no need for additional user accounts, employee training and maintaining access to third party systems. Streamline your document management systems by simply uploading and sending personal and private documents from your internal systems to all employees through Locker. Quick, secure, paper-free document delivery and peace of mind.

Mobilise Payroll

Mobilise payroll

With deskless, and dispersed teams, working on the go, providing access to payslips can be challenging.

Adding your payroll to a Thrive employee app will provide employees with easy, on-the-go access to their payslips from anywhere at any time.

Using push notifications within the app will alert employees to new payslips as they come in. Employees can also browse, view, and download their payslips straight from Locker onto their mobile device.

Personnel Files

Secure file sharing and storage

Many organisations are still using manual, paper-based methods to send personalised documents to their deskless, dispersed, and remote teams.

Without a central 'hub' to securely store personal files, additional time and management pressures are added to administrative employees, financial costs increase, and there is a burden and risk of lost documents if employees need these while carrying out their roles.

Adding personnel files like certificates, disciplinary documents, departmental polices, annual reviews, pension statements and more to the Thrive employee app's Locker will give employees all the documents they need to stay informed and carry out their role.


Digitise rotas

When rotas change on a weekly or monthly basis, it can be difficult for employees to keep track of when they are 'on' and 'off' duty.

Locker enables managers, team leaders or other team members to plan ahead by securely adding and sharing personal rotas to each employee's personal space within their Thrive employee app.

Using push notifications within the app will alert employees to new rotas as they are confirmed.

Provide secure, easy access to personal rotas and schedules, avoiding the stress and costs of conflict clashes, mistakes and manager's time spent on scheduling.

Here's how the Thrive employee app's Digital Locker provides on-the-go, secure access to personal files in one app

Digital Locker in action

Watch this video to see the Thrive employee app's digital equivalent of a physical locker. Connecting all your existing systems together on one app for on-the-go ease of use, removing the need for paper trails and manual storage.

Personal Benefits

Personalise appreciation by storing and sharing personal rewards

Without access to a corporate intranet or email, many deskless, remote employees are not aware of companywide benefits and rewards offered to them.

The personalised digital Locker gives employees a dedicated space to view these benefits and rewards in their own time.

Use this quick and easy platform to show employees how much you value their input by adding their personalised discount schemes, vouchers, health insurance documents and other performance related rewards.

Provide a one-stop-shop for employee engagement, well-being, communications, recognition, and reward that will create happy, loyal, productive employees.


Inform and empower employees with personalised training plans

Ensuring your teams are well informed and equipped to carry out their roles is critical, especially when it comes to health and safety.

With various roles and departments across each organisation, training plans, policies and information can differ significantly for each person.

With a dedicated digital Locker in the Thrive employee app, you can add personalised training plans that employees can browse, view, complete and download onto their own mobile device.

You can also use push notifications to alert employees of latest updates and ask them to acknowledge they have read and understood this information.

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