Why Choose Thrive?

We'll give you full support and the technology to make your employee communications easy and cost effective.

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Your news, resources, contacts and more at the fingertips of your teams

Your employees can view your content from the comfort of their own devices at anytime, from anywhere. Whether it’s company news, updates from your leaders, useful resources, policies, contact details for other team members or recognition and rewards. 

Create and customise content and lists easily to provide your staff with the information they need to be happier and more productive.

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Guidance every step of the way to transform your internal comms

We won’t just provide you with the technology, we’ll help you each step of the way as you transform how your organisation communicates. 

We will guide you through our tried and tested process to build a better internal communication strategy and provide useful insights along the way. Our customer success team will give you advice and tips as well as sharing guides and other resources to help you and your organisation thrive.

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Access your content from any device

Thrive provides you with beautifully designed iPhone and Android native apps and a responsive web version for desktops and other screens. 

Publish changes once, and our platform instantly makes these available to all of your users, across all devices. As a SaaS platform, we’re constantly adding support for the latest devices and OS updates.

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Easily manage your content with Thrive’s intuitive CMS 

We designed our platform to enable anyone to maintain a great looking, interactive employee app - you don’t need any specialist design or technical skills. 

With our easy-to-use CMS you’ll be up and running quickly - publishing content, sending push notifications and viewing analytics.

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Increase collaboration with user publishing and social features

Encourage idea sharing and employee feedback using Thrive’s social features, including likes and comments, and even allow your teams to post content directly into the app. You have the option to configure restrictions on who can post and you can moderate content before it goes live.

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Engage your teams with peer to peer recognition

Enable people to thank one another for lending a helping hand, completing a job well done, or pulling together as a team. Each thank you can be accompanied with a message, photo and aligned to your values. 

The recipient gets a push notification of thanks and others can like and comment. Export the data into existing recognition and reward programmes within your organisation.

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Personalise content and use push notifications to send alerts

Segment your audience by location, job function, project or any criteria you need, then tailor your content to these groups. By personalising each person’s view of the app you can ensure your audience can focus on what’s important and relevant. 

You can also send unlimited push notifications to alert your teams to important information such as safety alerts or change of shifts.

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Onboard new employees effortlessly

Crush information overload and welcome new employees with the information they need to see from the comfort of their own device. 

We ensure only your new employees can easily, yet securely access your app. Unlike other app platforms, there is no requirement for users to have a company email address or Active Directory account. Simply add and remove large groups of users via secure upload, or if you prefer, integrate with Active Directory or OKTA.

And much more...

  • App customisation and branding

    Make Thrive feel like part of your organisation by easily applying your brand colours to the app interface, app icon and adding your organisation’s logo to your home screen and welcome screens. We also offer the option to have your employees download a custom, dedicated app rather than Thrive from the app stores.

  • Get insights with app analytics

    Make informed decisions about how to evolve your app based on solid data. By looking at what content is most popular in your app, when people use the app and on what devices, you’ll know what content or resources are most useful for your organisation.

  • External sharing of app content

    Tag specific content for your audience to share from your app out to their own social networks. Shared content is published as responsive stand-alone web pages for ease of consumption on any screen, by anyone.

  • Send push notifications

    Send unlimited push notifications to alert your audience, or specific groups of people within your audience, of important updates. Gain improved, measurable read rates of 80% via Push Notifications versus only 20% for email or low reach, which is impossible to measure with print publications.

  • Regular feature releases

    We’re continually shipping new features and improvements to our platform, and Thrive customers can use these right away! We’ll keep you up to date by sending you our product roadmap so you know what exciting updates will be coming up next.

  • Security as a priority

    Thrive is ISO27001 Certified, GDPR compliant and undergoes regular independent security penetration testing. Secure enterprise-grade platform with comprehensive user management, data encryption in transit and at rest.

  • Secure browsing

    Your employees can access secure, personal content such as rotas and payslips using our secure browsing feature. We’ll take care of user validation when you provide links to personal info to make sure it’s for their eyes only.

  • Add more punch to your content

    Thrive’s CMS allows you to populate your app with rich media including imagery, videos, polls, quizzes, file downloads, web pages and more. Use a mix of media to get information across from your staff and to gather their feedback.

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