Two-Way Communication

Engage your employees, listen to what they have to say, and respond via your employee app.

Two-way employee communication is the key to building a successful internal communications strategy

The way you communicate with your colleagues has a direct impact on their employee experience and their eagerness to go the extra mile in their role. Effective two-way communication is essential to solve problems better and to help your business grow.


Encourage innovation through effective communication in the workplace that builds trust and respect for each other, and generates new ideas from employees.


Improve job performance with clear dialogue that avoids misunderstanding about daily tasks, reduces obstacles to complete work and leads to increased productivity.


Avoid silos by offering a space for employees to share their concerns, free flow ideas and opinions, leading to better job satisfaction.

How can an employee app help with encouraging two-way communication?

Using User Generated Content within a mobile app can empower employees to ask and answer questions, share best practice, generate new ideas and even create and strengthen connection with each other.

Promote Positivity

Promote positivity & raise spirits

During the challenging times of the global pandemic, our client Biffa plc, a waste management company in the UK, encouraged employees to post photos of messages of support that they have received from members of the public.

Their waste collection colleagues continued to provide a vital service during the Covid-19 lockdown, and the public showed their appreciation and support by leaving little notes on their bins.

Having a space in their 'Biffa Beat' employee app to share these messages with everyone helped to raise spirits and promote positivity during a challenging time. Read more about this here.

Encourage regular feedback

Encourage regular feedback from employees

Employee pulse surveys and feedback should be conducted on a regular basis.

Add an employee feedback form or digital suggestion box within your employee app to make it easier for deskless, dispersed, and teams working remotely to make suggestions or share their feedback anonymously to help make improvements across your organisation.

Here's how SGN used their Thrive employee app to promote two-way communication

SGN, a British gas distribution company, give their employees a voice with their SGNapp

Read how SGN’s award-winning internal communications team makes fantastic use of their employee app 'SGNapp', to ensure that their employees are kept informed, connected, and feel involved, knowing their voices are heard during challenging times.

Learn More
Open a Forum

Open a forum for users to ask & answer questions posted by others

Encourage employees to post questions and answers directly to the app from their phone or PC. You can create a new 'employee forum' section on your app’s home screen to provide a space to ask questions by pressing the ‘post now’ button, or answer questions posted by others in the comments section.

Employees may have questions but might not be sure where to ask these. For those who don’t post questions themselves, they can see the questions asked by others. This makes employees feel better informed and connected to each other.

Anonymous Questions

Allow anonymous questions from colleagues

Sometimes people feel more comfortable and open to asking questions when it’s anonymous.

By creating a digital form and adding this to an employee app as web link, you can enable employees to ask their question privately. The question will be emailed to a nominated email address which you can choose when setting up the digital form.

You can then take that question from your email and create a new section in your app to post both the question and the answer.

You also have the option to enable commenting if you want to encourage a discussion or follow-up questions on the same topic.


Make employees part of the conversation with comments, likes, & @mentions

When focusing on building two-way relationships to improve employee engagement, giving colleagues a voice and a dedicated platform to discuss content, share thoughts and become involved in the conversation will have a positive impact on employee satisfaction.

The Thrive employee app allows employees to quickly jump into conversations, post comments, reply to colleagues and 'mention' each other in comments to gain targeted responses.

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