Learn how to communicate through COVID-19 and beyond

Stay safe, stay connected with Thrive. Helping organisations communicate with their front line employees, keeping them informed and engaged.

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We can help with crisis communication

  • Get a secure mobile communication app up and running within 48 hours.

  • Discounted fees with only 3 months commitment.

  • Push essential COVID-19 updates and information within seconds.

  • Communicate effectively with Furloughed employees.

  • Share success and say thanks with peer to peer recognition.

  • Give employees a voice with User Generated Content.

  • Reach every employee no matter their job or location. A caring, certain and social community accessible at the fingertips of all your teams.

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Stay safe, stay connected

Helping organisations communicate with their front line employees, keeping them informed and engaged, is at the heart of what we have been doing for 10 plus years. 

We are conscious of the unprecedented situation in which we're all living and working and hope you are keeping safe and healthy. 

It is important for all employees to receive the most current and relevant information in a timely manner, as well as being able to give feedback and keep in touch.

  • "We were impressed from the start, we thought the platform was heads and shoulders above everyone else."

    Sean Munday, Group Internal Communications Manager at SSE

  • "We needed something that was easy to access and use! The app has become the number one channel of choice."

    Marion Joyce, Internal Communications Manager, An Post

  • "We struggled to reach people out in the field with lack of time, no access to email and lack of connection, the app really helps us connect with these people."

    Richard Howard, Head of Internal Communications

Resources to help you communicate effectively through challenging times and beyond

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