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A more cost-effective light-touch employee app plan, which is even easier to deploy and manage, and still achieves 90% app usage rates.

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From experience, we know what drives 90% of your teams to use your employee app on a regular basis. We've created a quicker, more cost effective Lite plan, which is even less effort to deploy and manage, while still generating high app usage and employee engagement rates.

2-3 days

is how long it takes to set up a Thrive Lite employee app that will transform your communication.

1 hour

is the total time needed each week to maintain and edit your employee app with new content.

1 minute

is the time it takes to push out important information and updates to your entire workforce.

The light-touch employee app content plan that creates 90% app usage

Most of your news feed should be about employees

The first thing every successful employee app has is a news feed. What really matters is what content you add. People are naturally interested in each other and want to hear about their news.

Share ‘moments that matter’ - welcome new hires, share promotions, retirements, milestones and more.

Promote your health and wellbeing events and add polls to encourage feedback and suggestions.

Use push notifications to encourage people to read changes to important polices and useful information.

Use your news feed to drive employees to other sections of your app and keep news items short and engaging.

Build social connections with a wide range of employees' photos

People are interested in other people and love to see colleagues' stories. Providing a space for social interactions creates a close-knit culture and positive experience for your teams, as well as driving engagement and app usage.

Encourage people to share their stories through photos and get people talking about their life and interests.

Mix employees' photos with official company photos like training events, team building days and more.

Ask employees to like and comment on their colleagues photos.

Run photo wall competitions at least four times per year. These could be themed around Halloween, Valentine's Day and other seasonal events.

Show your support for health & wellbeing

No doubt you already have a range of benefits, like healthcare schemes, and wellbeing initiatives. Use your employee app to showcase these benefits to everyone in a quick and easy way.

Add links to your Employee Assistance Program.

Share company events and policies linking to important initiatives like Mental Health Awareness Week.

Run health and fitness initiatives, share healthy recipes, and promote these with push notifications and news feed updates.

Make it easy for people to see everything related to their health and wellbeing with one dedicated space within the app.

Provide quick & first access to job vacancies & training

The opportunity to learn and advance is cited as one of the most important factors that retains employees. If your organisation has opportunities for career advancements ensure you share these upfront within your app.

Give employees the first look at opportunities before sharing these externally.

Encourage employees to view career opportunities by using push notifications and linking to new opportunities from a short news item.

Ask employees to share these roles with their colleagues.

Ensure every employee has easy access to new training opportunities.

Thrive Lite offers all the features you need to engage your teams for 50% less than the standard price of other apps in the market.

Avoid silos & share important projects

Most organisations work across different departments or locations and it's impossible to speak about projects with everyone at the same time. However, it's really important for teams to learn about the great work that is being completed, even if they aren't involved in it.

Allow project managers to add project updates from their phone or laptop.

Use push notifications within your app to notify everyone of new updates and key wins across the business at the same time.

Encourage collaboration and new ideas across different departments.

Give every team member quick and easy access to the great work happening across the business, no matter their location, department or role.

Share employee benefits & rewards upfront

This content may take a few hours to add to your app, but once this is set up, updates will need minimum effort. This information will be important to employees. Employees will find the information they need, from their own device in their own time.

Showcase company benefits upfront for everyone to see.

Give clear guidelines on how to access these benefits.

Encourage new hires and legacy employees to read this information in their own time from their own device.

Notify your entire workforce to view updates to benefits and rewards, with one press of a button.

Give full transparency around policies & procedures

Employees, especially new hires, may feel uncomfortable about asking questions around company policies. The best approach is to ensure your teams have equal and easy access to policies. This removes any embarrassment and also saves time spent in HR meetings.

Create a dedicate space to store all policies and procedures.

Point new hires to this section as part of a totally paperless onboarding process.

Use push notifications to alert employees to changes in policies and procedures.

Digitally store all important documents like employee handbooks, policies and procedures to save your HR team time spent in meetings and also save trees!

Provide useful links to existing systems & content

Add links to your existing content and systems in one place within your employee app to make it easier for employees to find the information they need in their own time straight from your employee app.

Add a link to your existing payroll system for easy access to payslips.

Link directly to your Learning Management System (LMS) for easy access to educational courses, training programs, materials and more.

Direct employees to your social channels to encourage them to like and share external content.

Connect to an existing benefits portal for quick and easy access.

"The app was implemented within weeks of us making the decision to proceed. With the lighter approach to building content it didn't take too much time or effort. The lower cost helped me get quicker buy in from the rest of the team also."

Internal Communications Manager at a retail distribution centre

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